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Selecting the best smartphone to buy for yourself can be a tough task, especially with all the choices out there. However, with Mr. Phone"s Phone Finder, we are here to make the task easier for you. Our highly efficient phone finder tool lets you search for your favorite smartphone that will also be the best mobile phone for you. The Phone Finder is an all-in-one and easy to use tool that anyone can make use of. You can use plenty of parameters to better select your favorite mobile. Mr. Phone"s Phone Finder India works on the following parameters:

Smartphone Brands: Our phone finder works for all sorts of mobile phone brands. So if you fancy a certain smartphone brand, you can shortlist or limit your search to those options only.

Connector: USB Type-C or microUSB port? Whatever your preference, our phone finder tool helps you select your smartphone with the connector of your choice easily.

Operating System OS: Android, iOS, Windows, Sailfish, or what not. Every OS out there is included in our list. You won"t have to worry about running an OS that you are not familiar with. Our Phone Finder tool for India works according to you.

18:9: Do you want your next smartphone to have the latest 18:9 display aspect ratio? So if you are looking for 18:9 aspect ratio phones, just tap on the 18:9 box and that"s it. You will be shown mobile phones with only the 18:9 aspect ratio phones in India.

Front Camera: Are you a selfie lover like us? Well, our phone finder tool helps you find the best smartphones with selfie cameras or mobile phone cameras up front.

Rear Camera: Are you a mobile photography enthusiast? Do you need the best rear camera for professional-like photography? Fret not, our Indian Phone Finder works even better to help you find your next best camera smartphone.

RAM: Multitasking is what we all love, and multitasking requires a lot of RAM. Thankfully, our Phone Finder tool for India has the option to categorize smartphones with the amount of RAM they offer.

No. of Slots: There was a time when single SIM smartphones dominated the world. Now, we have dual sim and even triple-SIM smartphones. Our Phone Finder tool helps you select best dual SIM mobiles or single SIM mobiles quite easily.

Fingerprint Scanner Phones: Do you want to unlock your device with your fingerprint? If so, you"d want your next smartphone to have a fingerprint scanner. Using our phone finder feature, you can identify smartphones with fingerprint scanner or not.

CPU: Single core, dual core, quad core, or heck, even octa cores. Whatever CPU power you want, the Mr. Phone phone finder tool will help you find it all.

Resolution: Resolution size matters a lot to a lot of people. Full HD displays are the norm, but you"d want to ensure that on your next smartphone purchase right? With Mr. Phone"s best phone finder tool, you can easily find the smartphone with the best mobile display resolution that you so desire.

Chipset: Qualcomm might be the leader, but Kirin and Exynos aren"t far behind. With our great phone finder tool, you can use the best phone finder tool to easily find smartphones that carry the chipset of your choice.

Battery: Battery life matters a lot. We want our smartphones to last at least a day, right? And for that, the battery capacity plays a huge role. With Mr. Phone Phone Finder for India, you can find smartphones with battery capacities between 2,500mAh to 3,500mAh, or phones with battery capacity higher than 3,500mAh as well. You can now choose the phones with best battery life.

Screen Size: Mobile phone screen size is important. You"d want a device that fits your hand perfectly. Or you"d want a device that gives you a large screen space to easily work on. Whatever your need, the best phone finder in India is here. Mr. Phone has worked hard to create an efficient phone finder that works perfectly for you. You can choose various screen sizes to better find the best smartphone for you.

Phone Type: Lastly, not everyone needs a smartphone right? Maybe you"re looking for a feature phone? Or a tablet? Or maybe a new design slider phone? Whatever the case, you can find your favorite smartphone using our best phone finder tool.

Apart from the above-mentioned filters, there are many refined filters available in our phone finder app to narrow down the list of the phones that you are looking for.

Pick your favorite smartphone using the Mobile finder tool or the best phone finder tool for India

Once you"ve filled your requirements, our fast phone finder tool will list out the best mobile phone options available for you. Mr. Phone phone finder tool works on all platforms, be it the web or mobile or via our Mr. Phone mobile app. You can also use it to compare mobile phones. Yes, that"s right. Mr. Phone Phone Finder also comes with a phone comparison tool that allows you to compare phones easily.

All in all, Mr. Phone is the best site for you, as it offers a complete solution to your phone crisis. You no longer need to depend on your friends or go about searching for the best smartphone for you. Just use our phone finder tool, compare your choices using your phone comparison tool, and you"re sorted. All the best of luck in finding your next smartphone.

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