Apple WWDC 2019 – Here are the important highlights of the announcements made

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For Apple products developers all around the world and its consumers, yesterday night had a great impact. The company’s annual developer conference kicked off yesterday late night (IST). Since morning today, we have been trying to crunch the news to bring you the highlights of the WWDC 2019. In this article, we briefly talk about the launch announcements happened. We take a simpler approach by talking in points. Let’s get this show started. 

What’s new in watchOS? 

  • Watch gets its own App Store inbuilt.
  • Will take care of your hearing by alerting about noise dB count. 
  • New dials/watchfaces coming.
  • Menstrual cycle (and fertility) tracking.
  • New Activity Trends dashboard. 

What’s new in iOS 13?  

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  • The dark mode is the biggest visual update. Everything can be in dark mode. 
  • Memoji gets more customisation. You can add makeup to your characters.
  • Better organisation of your gallery. 
  • Reminders. Four options for sorting with a new look.
  • Swiping functionality added to the keyboard.
  • Apple Maps are redone. Google Street View-like mode introduced. 
  • iMessage profile pictures like WhatsApp.
  • New photo and video editing tools.
  • Support for USB sticks and SDCards.

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What is “Sign in with Apple”? 

This basically adds another option where apple uses face ID to input your info to an app and that’s it. Also, in case something requires your email ID, this will generate a random email, get the original mail sent there and then forward it to you. Thus protecting your privacy. So next time you won’t have to worry about accessing the new apps using Facebook or Google. This quite exciting news for people who are concerned with privacy on their iPhones. 

iPad OS Introduced

  • iPad gets its own OS. 
  • Split screen and better multitasking.
  • Safari will now show desktop version only.
  • Support for USB sticks and SDCards.
  • Column View just like Finder on Mac.
  • Improved copy and paste feature. 

What’s new on the macOS? 

  • The new version is called Catalina. 
  • iTunes is gone: for music, you have apple music, for podcasts you have podcasts app, and for sync that will be done via the Finder only.
  • There’s voice control now. 
  • Using SideCar, you can use the iPad as a secondary display
  • Activation Lock and Find My coming to macOS, and will work even when the device is offline.

Mac Pro gets an upgrade

  • Cheese Grater design
  • Intel Xeon Processor with up to 28 cores
  • Radeon Rx580s or Vega II graphics
  • Come with a custom video accelerator card called Afterburner to boost performance
  • Price starts at $5999

Pro Display XDR (Extreme Dynamic Range)

  • 32-inches display 9mm narrow bezels
  • Retina 6K screen (6016 x 3384) 
  • Hit up to 1,600 nits 
  • P3 and 10-bit color
  • Price starts at $4999

There’s a Stand called Pro Stand

  • Tilt & Height adjustment, a counterbalanced arm. 
  • Vesa Mount Adaptor compatible. 
  • Support up to 6 displays via Thunderbolt 3 

What do you guys think of the announcements Apple made at WWDC 2019? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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