A foldable tablet is on its way by Microsoft

Microsoft logo

Apple iPads are ruling the market ever since they were launched. In the years 2009 and 2010 there were many rumours about Microsoft building a foldable tablet named Courier. But sadly that didn’t happen, Courier was never launched. 

Microsoft logo

Now after so many years Microsoft is coming up with a similar device like Courier named Andromeda which will be a folding tablet, that will run Windows 10 on ARM. This device will allow you to make telephone calls but it is not a mobile phone. As mentioned above this device can be folded and hence can easily fit into your pockets. The cardinal point of Andromeda is focussed on pen input and inking. Like, there will be an app which is like a notebook, a really awesome feature for those of you who love to pen down things. The app makes you feel that you are writing in a real notepad or notebook with virtual pages. 

No specifications have been revealed yet, and might not be in stores by next year. But this foldable device without a doubt amazing. Microsoft had already said, that if they plan on coming up with a new device it will not be a smartphone. After reading rumours about Andromeda it seems like this could be their next product. 

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