Google will now make battery life predictions

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Getting through the day with your phone battery alive needs planning. Many phone batteries give up and need to be charged, but now the battery life is being improved. Every smartphone user needs to charge their mobile phones every night. Google has come up with a solution to make our lives easier. It recently introduced smart battery stats that help in estimating your battery life, on the basis of your phone usage. 

Google has uploaded a Device health services app to the Play Store. Earlier Google used a different methodology to determine the usage of your battery. For example, you have used your battery up to 20% in two hours it would’ve assumed that you will use 20% battery every hour. This method was not carried on for very long and is not used by Google anymore. 

Google logo

Now the company is coming up with an even better idea which involves machine learning. It will build a graph on your usage from the past and then predict your future usage. Google will be monitoring your patterns on weekdays and weekends and then determine your future usage of the battery. Let us give you another example if you are in the habit of listening to music or watching a movie while going back home. The smartphone will adjust your estimated battery in that manner. 

It will even estimate and let you know how much battery life you have left. This incredible feature will work for Pixel 2 and Nexus 6P

Let us know what are your thoughts about this. 

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