Google Maps bring in-app translation for when you’re visiting a foreign country

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We all travel to foreign destinations at some point in life. While it’s always better to know a little bit about the new language, one tends to get confused when it comes to foreign language. We all can’t be language experts, right. Which is why Google has integrated this nitty-gritty feature. We are talking about in-app translation in Google Maps. 

The latest update of Google Maps has pushed a new feature, which now allows users to translate place names. Yes, you read that right! Google Maps now makes it easier for you to understand the name of the local places when you visit a foreign country. With this integration, you won’t be struggling anymore to spell out those tricky place names to the locals. 

Do you have a journey planned this holiday season? Well, Google Maps has got you sorted for your translation woes. This new feature gives you translation inside the application, which means you won’t be redirected to the translate app. It is said to be rolled out for both, Android and iOS.  

How do you translate a place name on Google Maps? 

Starting with the place you want to visit, search for it on Google Maps. Then, click on the entry and look for the speaker button, placed right next to the place name. Once you clicked on that button, Google will tell you how to pronounce the name in the local language of the country you’re visiting. It’s that simple!

In case you require further help, you can tap on the “Get more translations” option to open Google Translate, assuming you have it installed on your phone. It will allow you to get a translation for more words in the local language. Currently, Google Maps’ integration of Translation will have the support of 50 languages, with more coming in soon, as per the company. 

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