Honor 20 Pro release on hold after Huawei ban in the U.S.

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Huawei owned subsidiary, Honor is going to suffer the consequences of the Huawei ban in the United States. A new report published on 01net suggests that Honor 20 Pro has not received Android certification from the Mountain View giant, Google. What does it mean? It means Honor won’t be able to sell its new phone in the European market with Google’s services. 

Honor 20 Pro release suffers, while Honor 20 could go on sale

Honor 20 Pro is the company’s latest flagship smartphone announced along with two other phones in the series. While the device could still work with a forked version of Android, it won’t have access to Play store services and regular security updates. Thus, crippling its commercial appeal. 

If you were living under the rock all this time, then, you must know that Google has pulled off Huawei’s Android license and it has also affected Honor, clearly. The recent U.S. sanctions placed on this company has created a chain of events affecting Huawei from all corners of the world, and not just in the states. 

With no rejoice expected, Huawei users would be left without no new security updates. And no new phones could be released with Google’s app suite and services. But interestingly, the U.S. government allowed the 90-days general license, which among other things allowed it to continue to update its existing phones. 

However, it appears there is no clarity in this agreement regarding the Honor 20 Pro’s Android license. There might not be enough grant in the 90-days general license or separate problem related to U.S. restrictions has gotten in way of the launch of this phone. 

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While the Honor 20 Pro release is on hold due to Android certification not granted. On the other hand, the Honor 20, which was launched at the same event seems to be on track for its availability. Honor is yet to share any official response from the brand. We will update the story as soon as there is any statement from the brand.


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