Instagram gets a new holiday season update

Instagram feature

The Facebook-owned picture app (Instagram) is leaving no stones unturned to stay in the game of being the most popular social network these days. Mainly the age line which uses this app is between 22 to 35 and that brings in a huge number of young people. Therefore Instagram keeps bringing in new and fun updates to keep its users interested in the app. This time they have chosen Christmas and have come up with an update. 

The version 26 of the update will bring to you all the Christmasy feels, there are many filters related to the festival that you can enjoy. The filters include holiday makeup, silver balloons overlay, confetti (digital), and a frosted glass effect. In a few days, the stickers will also be rolled out related to Christmas and Hanukkah which will include beautiful snowflakes, penguins, ice skating, winter theme and your very favourite Santa Claus. 

Instagram feature

The Graphic designers of Instagram are really busy giving the best to its users and now they have come up with superzoom effect sounds. Users can choose “bounce” and “beat” soundtracks as well. These features will start rolling out the following week and we are eagerly looking forward to it. 

Instagram is also separating the messaging direct app as well just like the Facebook Messenger.

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