Lenovo Z5 Pro with slider camera reportedly coming on October 1

lenovo z5 pro

As soon as we hear something surrounding the Lenovo Z5, it rekindles memories of an “over-enthusiastic” Lenovo VP Chang Cheng promising stuff that wasn’t delivered in the end. Well, now there’s buzz surrounding a Lenovo phone with a slider camera which made seconds- brief appearance in a video clip at IFA 2018. That handset is now speculated to be named the Lenovo Z5 Pro. Yesterday, the same handset made a live appearance in Beijing where the company held a Technology Innovation Conference.

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lenovo z5 pro

As you can glean in the images below, the device is indeed real as it is handled by Lenovo’s Executive Vice President, Liu Jun. The official didn’t go on to elaborate on the specs of the device nor was the slider mechanism shown off to the shutterbugs. Hence, what we’re left with is the image of the handset which does look stunning. There are no bezels on the top whatsoever and the bottom has minuscule ones. Aside from that, we can see indications of an on-screen fingerprint reader as was hinted at IFA as well. It was said that the new device would feature a near to 100 percent screen-to-body ratio.

lenovo z5 pro

The other interesting information coming from the event is that the same Lenovo Z5 Pro will be unveiled in October. Since then, a Lenovo executive has also confirmed that the handset will be arriving on October 1st. Now, that’s some great way to start October for sure. There’s also news that Lenovo will be announcing a foldable smartwatch-phone next month itself but nothing is official for now.

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October is shaping up to be a very interesting month as there are a ton of flagship smartphones that will be unveiled in the coming weeks. You can rest assured we will bring you the latest info so keep visiting.

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