The LG G7 may come with an advanced iris scanner


There are numerous rumours that the LG G7 smartphone may come with an advanced iris scanner. The Korean giant is working on making an impeccable iris scanner which could be ready just in time for the launch of the G7. 


LG has developed a camera which can easily make the switch between infrared light to regular light. This indicates that there will be fewer cameras and sensors on the front of the smartphone, which also means less bezels. 

The iris scanner needs a lot of work as it scans the biometric characteristics of the user’s eye. The scanner illuminates the eye with the usage of infrared-light to get fine details of the iris. The Infrared light helps in bringing out the most intricate features of the organ. These features are not visible under the regular based light, it will have difficulty detecting dark coloured eyes under regular light. This system is more intricate than the selfie shooters. We do hope to see this high-end iris scanner soon in the LG flagship. 

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