Netflix for iOS gets a smart downloads feature, already available for Android

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Netflix took its time to introduce this feature on iOS but it has finally done it. The video streaming giant service has introduced a smart downloads feature for its app on iOS devices. The feature that was launched for its Android application back in July last year has now finally come to iOS devices. 

If somehow you have been living under a rock these days, then let us allow to explain what is this feature and why does it mean a lot. I have been using this feature on my Android devices a lot and it works in quite interesting ways. iOS users are in for fun with the addition of this feature. 

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What is a smart download feature on Netflix?

This concerns all the Netflix people, who have subscribed to the service. And if you haven’t then it doesn’t concern you. We suggest you waste your precious time somewhere else. Coming to the Apple boys with Netflix subscriptions, you guys can now conveniently enjoy the offline viewing experience on your respective mobile devices, only iOS devices. 

Earlier you’d have to download the next episode manually of your favorite series every time you finish viewing downloaded one. Now you don’t have to do that. With smart downloads, Netflix will recognise that when you’re finished watching the downloaded item, it will automatically download the next episode in that series. 

Interestingly, it won’t exhaust you of your precious data, as the Smart Downloads only works when your device is connected to the Wi-Fi. Further, it will clear up the watched episode to never take too much space on your device. Thus this download management feature would be such bliss to Netflix binge watchers. 

In case you’re not looking to make the use of this feature, you can choose to disable this feature from the Settings. This feature establishes a system, which will allow users to spend less time managing downloads and more time watching the content.

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How to use the Smart Downloads on Netflix for iOS?

It’s quite simple! Fire up the Netflix app on your device, then tap on the “More” option. Now head over to the App settings. Once you’re there you will see a new option, Smart Downloads below Wi-Fi Only option. Switch the toggle to enable or disable the feature. That’s it and you’re good to go.


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