Netflix Rs 250 mobile-only plan starts reaching users, here’s how you can subscribe

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Suppose if we set out for a survey across metro cities of India with this question: Do you Netflix and chill? The most answers we would be getting could be a big NO. And the primary reason for that answer would be the costly subscription plans of Netflix in India. But that is about to change with the all-new subscription plan that starts at Rs 250 per month. 

What do you get for Rs 250 per month Netflix plan?

The primary aspect of this plan is that is created for first time users who have not yet acquainted with the service in India. If you’re someone who has been looking to try the Netflix since its launch in 2016, then this could be your choice. 

Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, at the time of the launch, stated that the company won’t be introducing the cheaper plans for India as even at the time there were video streaming services offering cheaper plans. Nowadays the scenario has changed a lot. We will talk about that in a separate post. 

But looking at the introduction of this cheaper plan for India, it looks likes the company is now finally ready to trim down the prices if not match them. Also if you compare the titles it offers, it really doesn’t make sense for them to go down further in pricing. And for that we may not see a reduction in the three standard plans; Rs 500, Rs 650, and Rs 800, to be changed anytime soon. These pricing has been constant since the launch of the service in India. 

Further talking about what you get in the Rs 250/month:

  1. You can only stream on your mobile or tablet. 
  2. No Laptop or TV streaming support available if you subscribe to this plan. Meaning you won’t be able to stream on your Fire TV or Android TV app. 
  3. HD streaming is not available, which is also not available on Rs 500/month. So, you may not ponder on that. 
  4. Only 1 screen streaming at a time is available. 
  5. Unlimited films and TV programmes 

Who should subscribe to this Netflix plan?

If you’re someone who hasn’t had a chance to take a look at the Netflix originals. The video streaming service has been lately bagging a lot of prestigious awards from Emmys to Oscars. It wouldn’t hurt to take a look at these marvelous movies as credited by the experts. Further, you could always cancel your subscription at any time. I know I would like to subscribe to this service for change as I’ve been a Prime Video user for quite a while. Let us know why query you have regarding the Netflix subscriptions.  

Also if you’re on a basic plan paying Rs 500/month, I believe if you’re not streaming on your laptop or TV, then it doesn’t make sense to pay double. I’d rather opt for the mobile-only plan. And you might like that as well. It’s my opinion. 

How to subscribe to this Netflix plan?

As I have mentioned above this plan is only for mobile users and for new users. So, it’s easier for a new user to subscribe as they will be welcomed to the Netflix Plan selection window. But if you’re existing user who has subscribed to the service but wants to continue with this mobile-only plan, then all you have to do is follow below steps.

  1. Cancel your current subscription if you haven’t already. 
  2. Tap on Change Plan in the settings. 
  3. Now the “Mobile” plan should be visible.
  4. Select and continue.
  5. Setup payment.
  6. And you’re ready for Netflix-ing!

Alternatively- If you’re restarting your subscription

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Tap on Restart your membership
  3. You’ll be taken to Setup your payment page
  4. Tap on to add credit/debit card
  5. Now you’ll see an option to Change Plan.
  6. Tap on change plan. Select Mobile. Continue. Agree. And Start your membership. 
  7. And you’re ready for Netflix-ing!


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