Note 8 for $820 on T-mobile ($110 discount)

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was launched in August 2017. Since the launch, the price of the phone was an extravagant amount of $929.99. It caused a little problem because it was set on a price which every one couldn’t afford. But thanks to T-mobile they have given us a little relief. You can now buy a Galaxy Note 8 from T-mobile at $820, Yes, buddies they are offering a discount of a $110. 

Originally they had also offered the same price for Samsung Note 8, but now reducing the price by $110 has brought them into the limelight. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Many of you must be wondering, that it isn’t such a big drop in the price because let’s face it a phone worth $820 is also expensive. You can take a deep breathe because Note 8 also comes with a monthly payment plan. You can give $30 per month for two years and make a down payment of $100. Or you can go ahead and pay a sum of $820. 

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