Okay, the Xiaomi foldable phone prototype is real and it looks stunning

A foldable phone is something that would not just look super cool, but would also have its own convenience of carrying a large screen display in our small pockets. And Xiaomi looks keen on providing us that. From the looks at a video shared by Donovan Sung, Xiaomi Global’s spokesperson, the company already seems to have a working prototype ready. A Xiaomi foldable phone, we would be calling it that.

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In the video shared on Twitter, you can see Xiaomi’s president and co-founder, Bin Lin, showcasing a foldable phone. It could soon turn to be a reality as the company is asking its followers what to name its new foldable phone. Hashtagged, Innovation for Everyone, the Chinese smartphone maker might just be ready to take its foldable phone into the market sooner than we think. 

Xiaomi Foldable Phone: Could this be real?

Talking about the Xiaomi foldable phone, the video starts with Mr. Lin using a tablet-sized display holding in one hand. You can see the icons and interface, which is quite familiar to Xiaomi’s MIUI standards. Halfway through the video, this device is turned into a smartphone-sized display, folded from both of the corners. Now being easily folded in the palm of a hand. 

As you continue watching the video, you’d see that the folded part is not completely switched off, as the screen on the back seems to be live, but not in active use. The part that’s not folded is completely active and gives a rather bezel-less look as two corners are folded. Whereas the top and bottom bezels are quite small. 

Xiaomi Foldable Phone: A special MIUI?

The interface quickly adapts to the display size shift as the tablet-sized device is folded into a traditional smartphone-sized screen. There seems to a power button somewhere on the top right corner when the device is in the folded state, as you can see Mr. Lin tapping on that area to switch OFF the display. Also there maybe two buttons for that function, since he later presses in the middle of the top edge to switch the display back ON.

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This Xiaomi foldable phone looks like a working prototype and it may see the light of the day earlier than most of the incumbent brands that have been working on this tech since ages. Let’s hope whatever is the case, we see at least one foldable phone come to the market this year.   

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