OPPO leads in popularizing 5G; launching the most affordable 5G smartphone OPPO A53s 5G under 15k


OPPO is all fastened to carry forward its 5G legacy this year in India by bringing it to the masses. With back to back successful launches across its popular Reno and F series this year, OPPO has already placed its first 5G device in India in its popular and more affordable A series. And now we are about to witness the remarkable revolution from OPPO that is going to set the budget segment on fire and cement OPPO’s 5G legacy in India.

With company’s advancements in 5G coming to the masses through its budget offerings get set to witness the second 5G enabled A series device – OPPO A53s 5G. The device is going to be the most anticipated device from the company since it falls under the competitive budget segment. It is providing best in class tech at the lowest price point in the country making it the most affordable 5G device in the country.

The OPPO A53s 5G comes as the most affordable and the fourth 5G device in 2021 by the company; that makes the second device in its well-liked ‘A’ series. This already shows OPPO’s pledge towards fifth-generation technology in India.


Over the years, we have witnessed OPPO’s keen focus in India’s fast-growing smartphone market, which helped it acquire many rewards, including for its consumers as well as for the company itself. The essential takeaway here is assuredly OPPO’s achievement to meet and deliver the demands of the consumers by providing devices across popular price points. Bringing 5G to the inexpensive segment in the country is a giant leap for OPPO and one of the primary demands from the consumers as they are expecting their devices to be future-ready despite being on a budget. These achievements prove OPPO’s involvement with its users and make it cut off its restraints, and deliver advancements like 5G to the masses. The OPPO A53s 5G is one such promise of OPPO under Rs 15K price segment.

OPPO has made a progressive success with its recently launched 5G devices in the country in individual price points. Considering the price segment the OPPO A53s 5G is falling in, the device is packing best in class tech nonetheless. This means OPPO is shaping its way and is advancing its streak of introducing several ‘first’ in the highly ambitious market. The most affordable 5G device — OPPO A53s 5G — under Rs 15K in the country comes with the Dimensity 700 SoC, the latest 5G chipset by MediaTek. What further ups the ante is that the device will feature the RAM expansion technology that make use of available ROM and converts it into virtual RAM to deliver more performance capability from the device when you need it the most. This makes the device big on memory and high on speed with 8G RAM + 128GB ROM.

OPPO’s primary interests for 2021 prevails in 5G and IoT products, and it commits to build and develop them significantly. The company already has a 5G innovation lab in India – first outside China, to meet the demands of its consumers with innovative 5G technology. OPPO intends to support overseas markets and make concrete strides in the 5G sector to thrive in the Indian market. This further exhibits OPPO’s enthusiasm towards 5G in the developing country.


(OPPO Innovation Lab)

OPPO is operating closely with industry partners, including chipset makers like Qualcomm and MediaTek; and telecom giants like Bharati Airtel and Reliance Jio, as they play a crucial role in bridging 5G across Indian smartphone consumers.

In the budget segment mainly, OPPO has succeeded with its plethora of offerings that promise innovation and uncompromised quality at an affordable price. The latest OPPO F19 Pro+ 5G, which fall under the mid-premium spectrum, have seen tremendous sales — by making Rs 230 crores in just three days of its availability in the market. This displays the company’s acceptance amongst the consumers and their interest in 5G devices. The most affordable 5G device — OPPO A53s 5G under Rs 15K is also set to seize the limelight again in the budget segment since it’s the first 5G offering from the company in this price segment, making it future-ready nevertheless.

The other highlights of the OPPO A53s 5G apart from the next-gen communication technology makes the device imply OPPO’s dominance in the ever-growing Indian smartphone market. Moreover, the upcoming most affordable 5G device is packing in best-in-class tech under the hood, along with the fifth-gen communications. With these significant enhancements, the OPPO A53s 5G aims to be a market disruptor since there aren’t any affordable 5G options right now in the country that can really deliver the kind of performance levels expected.

All in all, OPPO aims to create a broad 5G portfolio of devices to take on the competition and simultaneously cater to the needs of diverse audiences and distinctive price points in the country. OPPO is shaping its image of an innovation leader and is advancing by introducing several ‘first’ in the highly ambitious market. The OPPO A53s 5G is one such promise of OPPO to India’s in under the 15K price segment. And we can’t wait to see what the device has in store for the consumers.

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