OPPO Find X with motorised cameras coming to India on July 12


Have been wondering when the OPPO Find X releases in India? The company official has finally unveiled the release date of Find X in India. It is going to launch in the country on July 12. The Chinese smartphone maker announced its motorized camera-equipped smartphone in June. And in less than a month since its debut in Paris, the company is going to bring its flagship smartphone to India.

According to a statement tweeted by Internal PR Manager of OPPO, Alex MacGregor, the company is all geared up to release its latest flagship in India next week.

OPPO Find X: A new era awaits

Image: The Verge

The brand has been quite a teaser even before announcing its handset in Paris last month. And despite that nobody anticipated that OPPO would be bringing a new solution to achieve a bezel-less look. Its unique motorized system which feels coming straight from a science fiction movie has every mobile enthusiast hooked. And why not they’ll be hooked, it offers a unique proposition, unlike seen before in the market.

How reliable this solution is we would talk about it later! But one thing is sure, it will be introducing a new era as opposed to notch-enabled displays. If you’re someone who admires the beauty and mechanics, you’d surely fall in love with this one. As it has both to offer.

What would be the OPPO Find X price in India?

Well, this is a trick question, because even OPPO might be confused. I believed it would be hard for the company to convince users in India to invest around Rs 80,000 on its flagship. Largely because they would be worried about the reliability of this camera system. And if it fails or gets damaged, the users won’t be happy at all. If somehow company can manage to put out fear then they may be willing to invest such a huge amount.

What do you guys think? Drop a line or two in the comments section. And let us know your thoughts on OPPO Find X price in India.


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