Is Planet Gemini, a phone with qwerty keyboard, relevant in today’s time?

Planet Gemini

Millenials and the older generation would recall those days when we saw businessmen walking around with huge devices in their pockets. They seemed bulky but when they opened them up on a horizontal axis, it revealed the beautiful qwerty keyboard and the big screen, that would fill you up with awe. Yes, those were the days of the Nokia Communicator that gave you a laptop-like form factor on your mobile device. Today after many years, we are seeing a similar resemblance with a hint of nostalgia in the CES 2018, when Planet computers launched the Gemini. 


It’s bold and beautiful but the question stands as to how relevant is it in today’s world of cutting-edge competition? The Planet Gemini has a full qwerty keyboard with Android Nougat installed. The keyboard resembles a mechanical keyboard look- wise, although the key travel feels a bit mushy. The device does not have an external screen and comes with one internal large screen only. But the device stands snappy on paper with a 10-core processor and the stereo speakers do justice to the landscape form factor.

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As a fan of the communicator era, I would definitely have an eye out for this design form factor. Although from a practical standpoint, this device runs Android Nougat and even though we did see tablets and a laptop form factor for Android, it stands out to be a touchscreen-based mobile operating system platform. Not many apps support the landscape typing experience. Multitasking is also not that fluent as we might want it to be on a keyboard and screen form factor. 

Planet Gemini

But then, if you don’t like the Android in landscape mode, you can always boot up to Linux as this machine gives you a dual boot option. This clamshell pocket digital assistant does serve a good purpose for a very portable mobile phone but a less beefy laptop with support for Linux. You can definitely turn to Linux for productivity purposes, but then that could be a hit or miss. Some nerds like me love the Unix terminal but then when it comes to getting work done, there’s no comparison to a Windows-enabled PC.

Planet Gemini


We did see Android on the same setup by competitors but in different implementation variants, like the Dex Implementation by Samsung and the very recent launch of project Linda by Razer in CES 2018 but they all needed separate accessories. This move may not attract many since it doesn’t have an external screen, but then who knows it might be a head turner and a new bling for those who attract attention.

What do you think about the Planet Gemini? Will you be interested in buying it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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