You can now port your number to a different network for just Rs 4

You can port your number at Rs 4

The TRAI of India has reduced the cost of MNP to Rs 4. It will be applied from the date of official Gazette notification. MNP stands for Mobile Number Portability and the step has been taken after consulting with the industry stakeholders. Earlier, to port a number, people had to pay a sum of Rs 19.

Porting a mobile number means changing your service operator while keeping the same number. You can retain your number pan India Licensed Service Area.

A statement by TRAI says, “After reviewing the financial results of both the MNP Service Providers and the upsurge in the volume of porting requests in the past two years, the Authority opined that the present charge of Rs 19 is quite high as compared to cost and volumes of transaction involved.” 

Port your number at Rs 4

Reliance Jio and other telecoms will invest money to avoid call dropping.

The per port transaction cost has seen an exponential decline and hence, the cost has been reduced.

The Director-General of Cellular Operator’s Association, Rajan S. Matthews, said, “In several instances, the operators were bearing this cost on behalf of the customers approaching them for the port-in. Hence, it will be beneficial for both customers and operators as the cost of porting will be greatly reduced.”

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