Resso, world’s first social music streaming app goes live in India

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Today, our world revolves around smartphones, and of most things we use smartphones for, music streaming is at the top. We all love streaming songs all day out, from our work-out miss to late-night mixes, we all have created playlists at some point in our lives. But now with the Resso music streaming app, you don’t need to do that anymore manually. 

While automatic playlists according to the mood is something interesting, but that’s not exactly the highlight of the Resso app. This music streaming app comes with a twist of social sharing. It works on the three pillars created by the app. The three pillars are its most important features including Vibes, Comments, and Lyric Quotes.

Resso – What sets it apart? 

Speaking about these features individually, the Vibes feature allows users to express themselves by creating videos, gifs, or pictures based on a song. Whereas the comments will allow music enthusiasts with similar taste in music to connect and engage over the song. 

Coming to the Lyric Quote, this feature allows users to share the selected section of their favourite lyrics and express their state of the mind over other social platforms like on Instagram, and more. The social sharing is seating at the center of the Resso’s music experience. 

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While Resso establishes itself as the world’s first social music streaming app, it has a freemium model like any other music streaming app in India. The free users can have access to the extensive catalogue which includes the library from the small and big record labels from India and international. 

The premium users will get the taste to enjoy their favourite music at higher quality, and will also get unlimited skips, plus could be able to download the content. The monthly subscription for Android users will cost Rs 99, while the iOS users will have to shell out Rs 119. 

Use this link to download and subscribe to the Resso App.  


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