The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is facing battery charging issues

Note 8

We all know that last year Samsung had faced difficulties with the Note7 flagship and the company had to unfortunately kill off the device. The smartphone caused damage to its users and was strictly not allowed to be switched on in aeroplanes.

However, the Chaebol sprung back to live with great phones this year like the Galaxy S8, S8+, and the Note 8. There’s been no battery-related issues…until yesterday.

According to some Note 8 users on Samsung’s community forum, they have shared complaints that their device is not turning on after the battery has reached zero percent. The charging has no effect on the device and becomes completely unresponsive. 

Note 8

Users tried using different cables to charge their device but attempts were in vain. But thankfully, Samsung has responded to these complaints and has promised to look into this matter. It said that the users can return the faulty handsets and their issues will be addressed immediately. 

Is your Note 8 facing a similar problem? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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