Samsung makes another AI investment

Artificial intelligence

Samsung is one of the top players in the technology industry and which naturally means that they have invested heavily in Artificial Intelligence. AI is the new hot topic in which almost every tech-related company wants their hands on.

Many companies are working day and night in order to pull ahead of the competition. Samsung has also made numerous investments in the Artificial Intelligence department, and it even recently overhauled its digital assistant products with a new service named Bixby. These investments may prove to be extremely beneficial for Samsung as they already have a lot of products that could take advantage of this. 

Artificial intelligence

In the newspaper, Korea Herald a detailed description of how Samsung is taking its step forward was mentioned. Samsung invested in a Chinese startup named DeePhi Tech in the month of August with a prime focus on deep learning technologies. This startup is taking great efforts to develop a neural network compression technology which would help in understanding deep learning even more efficiently. If Samsung keeps on working with such speed and determination it shall attain its goal of ruling the industry of Artificial intelligence. 

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