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Snapchat came out with a bang and many of us are guilty of being addicted to its filters and fun stories. The app started to provide major competition to Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp when Mark Zuckerberg tried to buy it. When Snpchat’s CEO, Evan Spiegel denied, Zuckerberg became even more adamant about turning Instagram and Facebook into the next Snapchat! Even Whatsapp started receiving the “Status” feature which is basically the tuned version of Stories.

However, this move by the Cupertino giant did a lot of harm to Snapchat as the company suffered heavy losses in the third quarter of this year. But now, the app is going to experience some major updates which will separate “the social from media”, according to the creators of the update! What is so new? Let us know in detail.

Snapchat has recently added content specific filters! Know all about them here.

The first major change which will roll out in the coming weeks is the separation of messages by your friends from the ones sent by Media channels. Sounds a little complicated, yes but the idea is simple. Till now, you were watching the stories, messages, and updates from your friends and brands (including media channels) at the same place. Snapchat is now going to separate these two and make your experience even more personalized! 

The media-based “Discover” section will be placed on the right while your social group and their updates will be visible on the left side of your screen. You can watch this video released by Snapchat to get a visual explanation.

According to Evan Speigel, “this will provide a better way for publishers to distribute and monetize their Stories, and a more personal way for friends to communicate and find the content they want to watch.”

Also, Snapchat is going to curate the stories in Discover. These stories will be curated by humans and this will ensure that no fake news reaches your screen. The stories will also become personalized, however, the only choice which will dictate this personalization would be yours. This personalization will be done using the help of AI-based algorithms and Speigel believes that this is a golden feature of this update.

The second change which has arrived with this update is an option to skip over stories. Earlier, you played a story and all the others played themselves in line. With this update, Snapchat will give you an option to skip someone’s story which will save your time and internet considerably. 

Speigel has described his stance on this update in a video and you can watch it to know all of the reasons behind the changes!


Are you looking forward to this update? Will you bet on these? Let us know in the comments section below!

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