Vivo Nex with a pop-out selfie camera phone and no notch is coming on June 12

Vivo NEX

Vivo has a lot going on this week, as it has made the X21 smartphone official in India. It is their second in-display fingerprint smartphone and India’s first. While Vivo X21 goes for sale on Flipkart, there is another Vivo smartphone rumored to be released on June 12. Originally known as Vivo Apex with unique pop-up selfie camera, the device would be called Vivo Nex.

One of the most exciting (and weird) things that come out of Mobile World Congress this year was Vivo Apex. Some were happy to see a smartphone with almost no bezels, some weren’t quite excited for the pop-up selfie cam. The primary concern is that it will likely break easily.

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The result of that is Vivo might introduce two variants of the Vivo Nex. Where one model will come with a pop-up selfie and other would house it on the bottom of the display. If you’re familiar with the Xiaomi Mi Mix line-up, then, you’d know what we are referring too. However, the chin on the Vivo phone looks to be much smaller than on Mi Mix.

Why two Vivo Nex variants?

Vivo seems quite concerned and it is almost novel that they’re investing in offering dual variants based on user’s requirement. Talking further about the Vivo Nex specifications. It is believed that these two variants would have different processors. One is purported to come with a Snapdragon 845 chipset and other with a Snapdragon 660 chipset.

Vivo Nex - Selfie Cam at Bottom

This means one would be targeted to premium consumers, whereas other would be a mid-range device. Another tidbit you should know selfie camera is that it will sport an 8MP sensor. For a Vivo phone that is quite a low resolution for a selfie camera. Don’t you think!

Let us know in the comments section whether you’d be interested in this or not. Would you take a leap of faith and try out a device with a pop-up selfie camera?

Image Credits: Benjamin Geskin (1st), Weibo (2nd)

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