Xiaomi and Realme seek exception of e-commerce ban during lockdown period


Two popular smartphone makers in India, Xiaomi and Realme pings government hoping for a ban lift from selling smartphones. The respective smartphone brands are seeking an exception from the government regarding the sale of smartphones during the 21-day lockdown period. Seeking an essential tag for smartphones, the e-commerce delivery of smartphones is currently not allowed under the guidelines issued by the government of India.

Xiaomi and Realme looking for a ban lift

Considered as one of the top online players in the smartphone business, Xiaomi VP, Manu Kumar Jain shared his end of concern by stating this to Economic Times, “Smartphones today are probably the most essential items after food and groceries that anybody needs. We can increase social distancing and reduce the number of people going out if everyone is using a smartphone.”

Out of need of the hour, Xiaomi seeks to allow the sale of their smartphones not as a business opportunity but putting it out as an essential needs of consumers. Further, the brand has also shared the concern of after-sale support requirement in times such this. The company is also requesting the government for opening up of their select centre for after-sales services. Of course, all safety guidelines will be followed.

Realme’s Chief Executive Office, Madhav Seth is also seeking this permission stating, “smartphones were essential and a gateway to other services that could be invaluable at this point of time.” Both of these brands have united with two industrial bodies, seeking an exception for deliveries of smartphones and other electronic devices during the lockdown countrywide.

The letter is written by local industry representatives the Manufacturers’ Association of Information Technology (MAIT) and India Cellular & Electronics Association (ICEA) on March 27. It further seeks permission to remove restrictions on the inland and export purpose movements.

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