Xiaomi released noise-cancelling headphones at $45

Xiaomi noise-cancelling headphones

Xiaomi has launched a new product and this time they are the amazing noise-cancelling headphones. These headphones will go on the sale from December 12 and will be available at a price of $45. 

The interesting feature of this headphone is that they use an acoustic architecture and a moving coil which delivers a very good quality sound. These noise-cancelling headphones have taken over the headphones by Mi. The users of Mi headphones complain about the decrease in sound quality after they turn on noise reduction. 

Xiaomi noise-cancelling headphones

These noise-cancelling headphones by Xiaomi have a standard certification by Japanese Hi-Res Audio. If you are wondering about the design of these headphones, Well they are solid Black with the presence of an elastic chip at the back for easy use. A 6-series aluminium alloy is used to manufacture the noise-reduction, metal clip, and the headphones. These headphones are very well suited for noisy places such as parks, buses, and airports.  It has a volume control and a pause button along with two-speed noise reduction switch. It supports noise reduction up to 50-150Hz to 20dB noise suppression. 

Xiaomi’s headphones come with a 55 mAh battery capacity, you can even charge them by using a micro-USB port onboard. This battery charges up to 100% in a time span of two hours and you can use it for more than 10 hours. We have reasons to believe that these noise-cancelling headphones will be available online outside China as well.

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