You can now have the YouTube TV app for your smart TV sets!

YouTube TV app

YouTube TV is a great tool using which you can stream live TV services. The service is all the more amazing because it is managed by Google. This service was launched in 2016 and using a Chromecast, one could use this program on their smart TV. YouTube TV has finally launched an app for your smart TV and consoles like Xbox.

The company is now announcing an app for your Smart TV and it can take some time for it to roll out properly.

YouTube TV app

It is worth mentioning that the Youtube TV is only available in the US as of now and this app will also roll out there. After some days, the app will cover the Android  TV devices and Xbox One. In a few weeks, the app will go on to cover the smart TVs by Sony, Samsung, LG and even the Apple TV!

The mobile app for YouTube TV is what this new app will be based upon. It will have the same categories. You can navigate using your TV’s remote control. The app has a dark (black) background to give you a complete cinematic experience. YouTube TV is slowly making its mark in the continent and currently covers the two third part of the USA.

Are you excited for the app to launch in your country? Drop your suggestions here!


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